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My friend and I have been playing a network game on FM20 for a couple of weeks now, however today when we tried to load the latest save from Thursday the server does not show for me to join. When we load an earlier save the server shows fine and I can join.

We think it may be an issue after the latest update as the most recent save was after the update.

Do you have any ideas why this issue might be happening?

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Hi @tonyttttt,

Sorry to hear this issue is happening. I'd definitely suggest loading and re-loading the save and entering/exiting the lobby a few times to see if this triggers the save showing as this can sometimes be the case. However, I'm sure you've probably tried this previously. I'd also suggest sending the save to the other user and having them load in the save to see if it can appear for you.

Would you mind dropping the save into the link below so we can test it ourselves? If you could let us know the name of the save that would be great.




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Hi Connor,

File should be called:

Patrice Dods - Kings Lynn

Thanks for your reply, we tried both your suggestions to no avail. We will press ahead with an earlier save but hopefully it doesn't happen again.

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