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At the moment I'm in a 27/28 season, managing Bayern Munich. This is my 2nd season at the club, they had a rough patch getting 5th, 7th, 7th in the league before they took me as a manager. We won the title last season , and this season I decided to change my formation from 4231 I was playing the whole career to a 433. I want a possesion style football with high press after we lose the ball.

So this is a formation and my roles:


My team instructions are:

Positive mentality (sometimes balanced or attacking)

Shorter passing (we want possesion)

lower tempo (we want to keep hold of the ball when we have it)

play out of defence (possesion)

run at defence (we have great dribblers with explosive pace in the team)

be more expressive (I want them to interchange positions in the final 3rd and look for spaces to exploit)

counter press(I want to press when we lose the ball)

distribute to centrebacks and full backs (possesion, build from the back)

higher def.line (want to play in the opponents half)

higher LOE

extremlely urgent pressing 

tighter marking (don't give opponents time on the ball)


So this is it. We are currently 1st in the league but my problem is that we just don't score lot of goals and more than that my striker can not do anything. I want my front three players to be dangerous and at the moment the wing players are OK, but often they will have low ratings, the striker is basically useless, scoring only from set pieces,penalties or crosses. Rarely is he involved in the attack. Most dangerous players are IW/A and AP/A from midfield who is my best player anyway. I've tried every role for a striker except Trequartista and nothing seems to work properly.

I don't understand what's the problem so any help to get my striker to score goals form open play would be fine.



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Hello, luka_!

Team Instructions

Positive mentality suits Bayern well. Short passing already affects your tempo, therefore I would set the tempo to default. Based on your roles and duties upfront there's probably no need for Run at Defence -- I'd suggest unchecking it for a few games and see how things fare. If your players' quality is the bee's knees consider to up your high defensive line to much higher. If not, use higher defensive line paired with default line of engagement. Since you already have counter-press activated there's no need for extremely urgent pressure -- try more urgent or default pressure instead. I'd also remove the tighter marking instruction, especially if your defensive players are rather slow.

Player Roles and Duties

Balance-wise it looks okay. Maybe change your left FB to WB-su for more overlaps. If you want your striker to score regularly you probably have to use him as an Advanced Forward or, in the worst case, as a Poacher. I'd also change your BPD to normal CD. That will lower the risks your team take on build-up.

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As always, if your top of the league try not to completely break what you have as it's clearly not doing badly in terms of results.

I think you've gone too far on the instructions.  You say you want possession but maybe dont need all of those instructions at the same time. For example Shorter passing also reduces tempo.  This also doesn't really match with dribble more, your giving opponents time to get back and organized then expect your players to take them on.  Plus your front 3 and AP-At already have dribble more, do you really want players like the BWM-Su also dribbling often?  Just removing slower tempo I think will give a bit more zip and threat while removing dribble more will leave it to those who are better at it in the roles that naturally do it.

Roles&duties wise I think your a bit safe at the back, static in CM and direct up front for a possession style.  Two FB-Su I'd look to add some more movement and risk, especially with DLP-De and BWM-Su in midfield.  Just changing one to a CWB or a IWB could give a different dimension.  For a flat CM three I think you could do with a player who wants to get forward more rather than collecting. If you have a IWB that could keep your CM numbers.  W-Su doesn't make sense to me with a IW-At and a CF-Su whose in the box for his crosses especially in a possession style?  I'd prefer a IW-Su to vary his play and/or make the IW-At a greater goal threat as IF-At or RMD than just his runs with ball.

More than expected there, your 1st so maybe just need a couple of tweaks, just take it step by step and see if the change helps when your watching the games.

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5 hours ago, luka_ said:

Positive mentality (sometimes balanced or attacking)

A change of mentality is a pretty big one, even if it's just one notch up or down, because team mentality automatically affects everything. So when you change the mentality, you'll probably need to tweak some other instructions (sometimes also a couple of roles or duties), depending on how balanced or unbalanced your tactic has been prior to the mentality change. In other words, when you change the mentality - you don't change only the mentality. So keep that in mind. 

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So, now my TI's are:

Shorter passing

Be more expressive

Counter press

Urgent presing

Higher def line

Standard LOE


I've changed left wing role to raumdeuter and right wing role to IW/S and striker to AF and my left full back to WB.

It's much better team performance on the pitch all around and we started scoring goals and making lots of chances. This is what I was looking for. :)

Tnx guys!


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