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Player capped twice but has 0 Caps.

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Anyone else noticing that players being called up for International duty are not being awarded Caps? 

(27b) Rinne * has just been called up by Sweden for the 2034 World Cup. 


I wonder how many Caps he has? 

Oh none. That's a surprise. 


I was sure he had been capped already. 

Oh, he has. 



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It's highly likely these are unsanctioned friendlies - some nations will occasionally engage in friendly matches that do not count towards official totals. This is normally referenced in the media before the match. This save game is a long time after those matches, do you have anything closer to the matches that we can check instead?

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Hi @Glenn WakefordI did consider that but it's something I have never seen in the game before and didn't realise was in there. I save pretty regularly so hopefully I will have something that allows me to go back and read the messages. Downloading the update now and will let you know.

The most recent game is 24th Jan 2034 so let's have a look at that. 

I have no save between Mar 2033 and May 2034. What I do have is a save on 15th Dec 2033. I will load that up and see if the same fixture has been created. Actually..... the Cyprus game was played at a neutral venue, (Singapore), so I think we will assume this is as you have described. I hadn't noticed that before. I wonder if the other game was also played at a neutral venue? 

Yeah it was. In fact, there seems to be a Sweden game played in January every year that's  at a neutral game. I will keep an eye out for it next year. 

Thanks for the response. :thup:

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These Sweden friendlies in January are unofficial and no caps have been added for them for many years now on FM. The Swedish FA count them as caps, but I'm pretty sure neither FIFA nor UEFA do. 


The squads are picked from Scandinavia-based players during the Scandinavian off-season. It's a training camp for about a week to mostly have a look at younger players or a bit older players which have piqued the interest of the manager. The camps always have two games though, which SI has missed when adding this. Also the AI manager doesn't always fill up the squad. He picks the interesting guys from Scandinavian clubs and then half the squad is grey players despite the database having way more than enough Swedes to make up a full squad.


An interesting development in the last couple of years has been that a few players from outside of Scandinavia have joined in when their clubs have allowed it. Some guy from a Russian club while their league had its winter break and also someone from an English club's reserves squad.


I guess not all of this was super relevant to the original question, but I thought I'd share it with SI anyway. I fully understand if it's not the top priority to get it absolutely right in-game. 

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