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PART 2 - 108 GOALS - 442 - Aggressive Attacking Heavy Metal

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Follow up thread to ……………………..

After the match engine update and the improvement in full back decision making as well as defenders dealing with balls over the top a lot better and midfielders being more effective, the original tactic wasn't as effective so had to make a few alterations and the results were very good.



HOME GAMES http://www.mediafire.com/file/6oyi31ezevrr3qs/Sunderland_Home.fmf/file

AWAY GAMES http://www.mediafire.com/file/827tfrd2ocynzg2/Sunderland_Away.fmf/file


Key changes

- Shorter passing

- Wide playmaker

- Overlapping full back

- I also set all my defenders individually to ease off tackles because the yellow and reds were a bit too much.

The formation going forward acts more like a lopsided 352 with the wide playmaker drifting centrally. Unlike the original there's a lot more midfield involvement in the build up. Lots of pretty patterns of play and a lot less direct and yet more goals being scored. 
The changes between the away and home tactic is minor, A WB (a) instead of FB (a) and my defenders are not on stoppers for away games. And finally the CMR is on defence duty for away games and the CML on support. For home games CMR is on support, CML on box to box. 







Playing as Sunderland, this was my second season and first in the championship, I actually scored more goals in the Championship than in League One and only got one less point, unfortunately West Ham and Brentford somehow conspired to get 100+ points and then of course I lost the playoffs... Has anyone ever won the playoffs in FM, ever? Cos I haven't.



As you can see, most chances, most shots on target, averaged 54% possession too. Set pieces were very high, as I mentioned in the other thread, I train a lot on set pieces.





Goals came from everywhere as usual. It was nowhere near being one of the better squads in the Championship, picked up Clarke Harris for 1 million and Ferguson for 1.6, others being players I started with, loans and frees. As always the right players with the right attributes are necessary for the tactic to work.



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I'll give this ago at the end of the current season, though to be fair your previous tactic is working brilliantly still. Currently in a three way tussle with Man Utd & Liverpool for the title and challenging in the Europa League still in my 4th season with Ipswich and our second season in the Prem' and my 5th season with my team. Being's as it's season 5 I've managed to build up my team quite nicely, I've 4 or 5 wonderkids doing really well and Tahith Chong at right wing is smashing in goals left, right and centre and Barca' Real, Man Utd & Arsenal are sniffing around him.

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Great to hear it’s been a success in the PL mate. I haven’t been promoted there yet but I was worried it might get torn apart in the top division. This bodes well. 

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