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Replicating Bosz at Leverkusen

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After starting a new save with Bayer Leverkusen, which was inspired by my enjoyment watching them last season. I'm looking for some advice on how to create the hybrid 8/10 role that both Brandt and Havertz were used in and produced some great football. 

Attached is a video which explains the tactic Bosz was using.

My initial ideas were Mezz(S) and possibly either a BBM(S) or AP(S), but would love to hear others opinions. 

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Two Mezzelas on attack (or support for defensive solidarity) could work.


Either that or you could play with a double pivot and 10 up top. Make one of Havetz/Brandt a SV and allow them to switch in the AP (s) position

DLP (s)-SV (s)

AP (s)


Here's a bit of reading



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