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Relationship between Mentality and Tactical Style?

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 The default mentality of tiki-taka tactical style is "positive", if in a game i want to hold the lead or counter,  can i just change the mentality to "cautious" or change the entire tactical style to "fluid counter-attack "?

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i don't use preset tactics, but what I do know is that big tactical changes are not a good idea in general. And changing the mentality from the positive (tiki-taka) into the cautious (fluid counter) is a huge tactical change, because the mentality automatically affects all instructions (besides the individual player mentalities). Not to mention that in addition to the big mentality change, these 2 presets are very different in terms of instructions as well. 

So think twice before applying such a huge change.

On the other hand, the mentality alone does not define your tactical/playing style. 

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