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I'm looking for some advice on how to properly set up a defense. I understand that certain formations have more capabilities than other formations as well as specific attributes but I'm looking into how to set up a proper defense so that I can defend properly and be able to work on transition and goal scoring once a defense is stable.

My situation is my team gives up a lot a shots and I'm trying to determine how to fix that (whether that means finding better players or a new formation or different instructions I haven't decided)

I'm going to try to set up my defense on what my team report says to start out but I'd like any advice on how others fix this problem. Any advice is appreciated


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This is a very broad and open ended question which often tends to result in conflicting advice which might not necessarily be helpful.

I'd suggest that you don't treat the different phases of play in isolation as all three are interrelated.

How you defend depends a lot on the profile of player you have at the club.

If you have a lot of hardworking, energetic players (relative to the level the club is playing at) then perhaps a more proactive pressing style would be better with a top heavy formation.

If on the other hand you have more mentally strong players who make better decisions, can concentrate and know how to position themselves then maybe a more passive style would be better with a bottom heavy formation.

The likely reality is that you have a mixture of both and therefore a split block approach might be best with a more neutral formation.

Also, you say that you are giving up a lot of shots but you gave no context. I'd follow what @permanentquandary suggested and post your tactic but also maybe post the profiles of some of your key players also.

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