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Ancelotti's Everton

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As an Evertonian you might imagine that I'm very much excited about the future of our club with Carlo Ancelotti. The tactics he's used since joining the Blues have been very interesting and it got me wondering if I could possibly recreate them in FM. So far I think i'm getting relatively close but would definitely be interested in some input from others that are familiar with Carlo and how he's set up Everton. Trying my best to leave out any of the influence from his previous teams.

So far I'm 4 games into using the tactic and it's 3-1 with some really nice results and one awful result away to Norwich. That's to be expected I'm not trying to create a game breaking tactic here I'm trying to recreate something from real life.

I've gone with an asymmetric 4-3-3 as I didn't feel the LM was getting forward and inside enough in the 4-4-2 version. Currently i'm swapping the LW back and forth between Treqaurtista and AP(S) to try to find the best fit for the Bernard/Iwobi role.

The RB should be tucking in and playing almost as a 3rd CB but i'm also having an issue replicating that.

Any input, suggestions or questions very much welcome. Thank you!








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Struggling to get this to work consistently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's a screenshot of where i'm at currently.







Carlo Fantastico.fmf

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I really dont see any flaw to your tactic. Its very logical. Keep in mind that FM20 is the most difficult of last 4-5 years so far. Everyone struggles this year.

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