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Striker/winger movement & floating crosses

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Issue: Lots of high crosses & pointless headers from my strikers/wingers. I don't have the instruction to 'float' them, so I tried putting 'low crosses' to counteract but still many high crosses in matched.

01:49 - 01:54

34:45 - 34:50

Issue: Lazy movement from inverted winger.

02:25 - I have an inverted winger who I instructed to 'stay narrow' and a full back on 'attack'. Instead of making space for the full back by coming short to my attacking midfielder who's in posession, my inverted winger stretches the play. It seems inverted wingers only invert once they receive the ball.

Issue: Lazy movement from striker

18:50 - My pressing forward (attack) could make a run in behind the #22, instead he remains at a jog pace.

72:13 - 72:21 - He jogs into a central position, but does no more

721:21 - 73:02 - He drifts out wide, but doesn't make a threatening run whatsoever.. what is he even doing?


I will add more issues to this thread.

FC Utrecht v Viktoria Plzen.pkm

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Again, why the high crosses when I set instructions to LOW crosses?


26:05 - even the goal makes no sense, why not a low cross into the first post? There's acres of space for the striker to run into, 

45:40 - beautiful attack, but why the high cross when on low crosses?


PSV v FC Utrecht.pkm

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