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I am wanting to change the colour of the box and the text that shows the news item in the inbox on the left hand side. Mine is currently a green box with darker writing which I find hard to read. What controls the colour of this? Below is the screenshot of my inbox panel.


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So it has been a while since I edited the light skin I am using and I have managed to change the colour of the box using the method above that @bluestillidie00 mentioned.

However what I would like to do is what the dark skin does. The text in the inbox side panel is a dark colour when not selected but when it is selected it turns white. I have tried changing the Inbox_body font to add the fill colour option but that doesn't seem to work.

Anyone have any ideas how I can do that with the light skin?

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I'm no expert so could well be wrong, but might be worth playing with some of the below settings from settings.xml:


<!-- inbox colours -->
    <colour name="unread headline"                             value="fg"/>
    <colour name="read headline"                             value="fg alpha"/>
    <colour name="selected headline"                         value="fg"/>
    <colour name="must respond headline"                     value="fg"/>
    <colour name="unread category"                             value="fg"/>
    <colour name="read category"                             value="fg alpha"/>
    <colour name="selected category"                         value="fg"/>
    <colour name="inbox_sidebar_background"                 value="bg"/>
    <!-- Box background colour - red_replacement -->
    <colour name="inbox_content_background"                 value="text"/>
    <!-- Box background colour - red_replacement -->
    <colour name="inbox_button_box_background"                 value="card bg darker"/>
    <!-- Box background colour - red_replacement -->
    <colour name="inbox_attachment_background"                 value="bg"/>
    <!-- Box background colour - red_replacement -->
    <colour name="inbox_icons"                                 value="card fg"/>
    <colour name="inbox_text"                                 value="black"/>
    <colour name="link_button_inbox"                         value="card fg"/>
    <colour name="inbox_must_respond"                         value="bg negative"/>
    <colour name="inbox_optional"                             value="bg alert"/>
    <colour name="inbox_selected"                             value="rgb (87,3,12)"/>

<!-- Card colours - used for places where the colours are inverted in the default skin. Inbox, Report cards, etc -->
    <colour name="card fg lighter"                                                             value="rgb(255,255,255)"/>
    <colour name="card fg"                                                                             value="rgb(244,244,244)"/>
    <colour name="card fg darker"                                                             value="rgb(205,205,205)"/>
    <colour name="card bg lighter"                                                             value="rgb(65,65,65)"/>
    <colour name="card bg"                                                                             value="rgb(55,55,55)"/>
    <colour name="card bg darker"                                                             value="rgb(40,40,40)"/>

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That did the trick, the "selected headline" was what I was after. Thank you very much

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