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Recently i've been getting some serious lag in the transition of screens. When i'm clicking on for example the dev. centre there's a big delay before i get to it. The same thing goes for when i'm hovering over the buttons with the pointer, i get a delay before it gets highlighted. I've tried everything that sports interactive has to say about the problem, deleted the caches, deleted custom skins, checked my anti virus, but nothing has worked. The speed of my game is rated aat 4 and a half stars but it's barely playable. My pc is brand new too, with a ryzen 5 2600 and a gtx 1660, with all the latest drivers installed. If someone has had this problem can you please help me to fix it? I'm in love with the game and it's my first fm so i don't want my experience ruined by lag. 

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Hello, are you referring to when the game is processing through dates when you describe there are some lag issues "in the transition of screens"?

Are you using custom database in your save game? And how many players and leagues are loaded/running in the game?

Does the performance of the game improves if you start a new save game with default small database?

Also it would be helpful if you could attach your Dxdiag on here so we can take a look at, please? 

Let us know how you get on, please. Thanks.

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