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holiday mode vs actually managing

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Testing a whole season with a more then decent Atletico Madrid team.. 

What stands is out is the HUGE difference by actually watching and managing a game vs holiday mode (led by AM). 

If I actually watch and 'manage' a whole match my team just get crushed sometimes. 

For example managing an away game vs Barcelona losing 3-0. When I go on holiday my team can suddenly beat them. And that just happens like every single difficult game. So what I do? When my team has to play a hard match i just sim that game so I know that they will win.

If not, so be it.. I know i will definately lose that match when I play it myself. I let the teamspeeches do by my AM and no myself... 

To be clear.. it seems like it only happens playing tough games against (really) strong opponents. 

Is anybody else having the same conclusion or is it just my weird game? 

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There's no real difference except the AI manager may make tactical changes and provide team talks you don't. The game doesn't view a user or AI manager any different so it's just coincidence. 

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