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Murdre Dukc

[Tactics] Fluidity calculated only based on position role, not personalised role

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When you change position roles in the tactics screen, it impacts the team's fluidity. However when you switch personalised roles it has zero impact.

This results in the overall tactical freedom not matching the roles you have selected for your current line-up, and therefore the tactical familiarity going down.

I have seen this behaviour at least since FM 2017 now.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Set up a new tactic, best from a template.

2. Fill all positions in the tactic.

3. Change roles for positions, NOT personalised and watch the fluidity change. Remember/write down which roles you set.

4. Set up a new identical tactic.

5. Fill all positions in the tactic.

6. Change roles for positions, this time personalised. Use the same roles as before, just personalised for each player.

Expected: Fluidity should change.

Observed: Fluidity remains the same as it was for the preset tactic.

Screenshot comparison below, the entire team has personalised roles on the left, no personalised roles on the right (I made them all Support to maximise fluidity):


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added clean repro steps and screenshots

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