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Wrong Offside Call and Inaccurate Offside Lines

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Right now, I am playing Public Beta.  However, I believe this is relevant for retail as well.

There was an offside call that you can see from the screenshot. It was tight but my player was onside. In the screenshot, yellow line seems tad bit in front of the red line, which means my player who scores the goal (in fact, all of my players were) was onside. If you also watch the video it is easy to spot that my player was onside.

In addition, in Football Manager offside lines are drawn inaccurately most of the time. Line corresponding to attacker (red line) should be drawn from the closest point on attacker's and defender's body that he can legally score a goal with (e.g. head, nose,knee, tip of foot, heel, shoulder etc.). Similar line is also drawn for the closest defender to the goal as well(Again, hands are disregarded and relevant body parts are considered for drawing lines). In Football Manager offside lines seem pretty random (examples in 2nd post) and does not reflect real world application of the offside in modern football with VAR. I watch football and see offside lines drawn with VAR in all football games every week and it is pretty annoying to watch inaccurate offside lines in a football simulation game. It is also interesting that nobody has mentioned this before, as far as I know.

Here is a source on this issue: https://www.premierleague.com/news/1488423

Time 62:48

2020-01-28 (1).png

2020-01-28 (3).png

Jeunesse d'Esch v HJK.pkm

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Thanks for taking the time to post this here, it's something we're currently reviewing. 

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