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Huawei Mediapad T3 Unplayable matches

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Matches are unplayable. I have all settings set to the fastest possible, only playing on 2d. FM touch is the only app open on my tablet, so all ram is focused on the game. It takes 20 minutes to play one game!!! It's so sluggish. When are you going to release an update? Waste of money buying this game this year, so frustrating as I purchase this tablet specifically to play as its in the compatibility list. Can you provide an update please?? It's been playing like this for 2 months!!!!

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hi mate,

Sorry to hear about your problems.

Let me give you a piece of advice.... sell that tablet. If he is new im sure you'll around 75-80% of what you've paid, and buy a different tablet.

I'm playing the game in a Xiaomi Mipad 4, very cheap tablet, and runs the game without any issues.

I know that the mediapad T3 is in the compatibility list, but it will probably never run the game properly.

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Hi @Gerara

As mentioned in the other thread related to this it is under review but I cannot update you with any information until we have something concrete. 

I apologise that this has been annoying and as previously mentioned if you are still having problems you are more than welcome to ask for a refund by emailing help@sega.co.uk

Please know that we are always looking at this but we won't be able to provide further updates until we have a definite breakthrough. 


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