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Question: To what extent is the analytics team able to identify transfer targets?

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From my understanding, the way that some modern football clubs make decisions on transfers is a combination of performance analytics and in-person scouting for a number of matches.

I would like to start a save where I implement an analytically driven approach, where all my first-team transfers are driven by data analysts who identify players performing well in certain areas in various competitions. But not just based on top scorers or top assisters, also to include more of the underlying statistics that are important on a per-role basis for my tactical setup.

Is it currently possible to assign a data analyst to recommend player(s) in this way? For example, say I want a Central Defender. I would like to know who are the players across certain leagues that rank well for interceptions per 90, successful tackles per 90, aerial challenges won per 90 and also have a pass completion rate of x%. And I would like to be able to give them an assignment to produce a report for me based on these requirements.

From the list of players my analytics department recommends, I would then assign my scouting team to go and watch them in person to get more opinion on the players before making a final decision on who to buy.

It feels like this should be possible and I'm missing a big part of the game... or if this part of the game is missing, it could be a big way of improving the usefulness of the analytics team.

Mods: if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move. I took it as falling under "advice on building a successful team."

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