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Youth Academy


When pulling players from your youth academy every year, naturally we want a 5 star youngster to turn into the world’s best player.


However, I get 3.5 or 4 star pulls and they are sometimes described as “Wonderkids”.


Confusing, as a wonderkid for me is only someone who is a 5 star player in the youth academy? Does the star level (Say 4 stars) mean anything? i.e. Does the player have a potential limit?



What would the Potential ability for players be from the youth academy:  


For example:

5 star Player - 180+ Potential?

4.5 Star player - 175+ potential?


Is there a set potential limit for the players drawn from the academy?

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A wonderkid is someone who is very good for his age and has potential to improve, the 'potential' you see isn't always accurate ... nor does a wonderkid description mean they'll fulfil it ...

PS - In answer to your question yes every player has a 'potential' hidden behind the scenes however its not 100% tied to their star rating, at Manchester United a neglected kid in the reserves who hasn't been playing well might have 160 PA but only show up as 3* potential because he's now 20 and only has 100 CA ... thus he's unlikely to ever reach his full potential with his current situation in the coach's eyes ... if you started giving him game time and he blossomed then that 3* might rise ... then again perhaps he isn't 160 PA, it's all down to your judgement in deciding.

Rough rule of thumb - if someone plays for you in a competitive match and does well without gaining 'experience' after the match then either something is stopping them progress (check their training page) or they've hit their potential limit.

Do bear in mind that there ARE exceptions to this - if a young player gets a serious injury (six months+ out) then his potential can change for the worse, also very occasionally a young player who is performing exceptionally might get a PA boost ... but this is very very rare and I won't go into the triggers involved as I don't want you guys attempting to game the system ;) 

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