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Left offensive corner: Two players offer themselves as short options

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Summary / Description:  When I get an offensive corner from the left side, two players stand right in front of the taker and offer themselves as short option. 

Steps to Reproduce

(1. Load save, go to Tactics/ Set Pieces / Corners / Offensive + Left and examine my settings - you will see that I have assigned WBR as short option, but not a 2nd player (which should be technically impossible, as far as I understand the setup limitations))

2. Load the match from the attached PKM and let it play it to the corner scene shown in the screenshot (75th min). See that two players offer themselves as short option: Beside the WBR (intended), also the ComStr (unintended) puts himself close to the taker.


Saves loaded up to the cloud:


(Note: The save is from before the match is played and shows the set piece options I used to allow you investigating in case needed)




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A little update here...it seems that this is caused by indeed two players being assigned as short options (but there jerseys are laying on the same spot on the set piece setup screen, so you don't see them easily - you have to drag and drop the top one to see that there is a 2nd on under). I supect this is caused by changing set piece takers after having set up the variant. 

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Great bug.

Thanks a lot for sending us in all the relevant information, this is very helpful.

We will get this over to the developers ASAP to get this fixed.



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