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Talking to Players on Loan

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Simply put: there are not enough communication options in this area of the game. I would like to see more.

Want to tell a player that you're really disappointed with his development at his loan club? Not an option, you have to tell him his "progress has been OK" and hope he gets the message.

Want to tell a player that a one-off performance was really impressive and to keep it up? Not an option, you have to praise his recent form -- if that hasn't been good enough, he may react badly even though he's just performed well enough to deserve some praise.

Want a player to learn a PPM while on loan? Or for the player to be in a mentoring group with a certain player on that team? Not an option to negotiate that with the loan team manager.

This last point also ties into a previous request I raised about how PPMs are taught by coaches, which could add a whole other layer to constructing your own coaching team and deciding which teams you loan your prospects to:

Also, it would be a nice feature if you could assign a responsibility to you Loan Manager to implement praise or criticism to the players you have on loan, since I imagine it would be part of his job remit in real life.

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