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I found the reason for the bug. It IS related to wannachup "Instant result" skin and only happens when you select a match plan to simulate the game with. Reproduction rate is 100%. 

Dunno if SI can fix it or not tho ...


My latest games stop showing goals that are recorded or show goals that never happened in games.

Arsenal v West Brom.pkm Real Sociedad v Arsenal.pkm


Ok, apparently, its just that I am getting wrong results in my save and it's not exactly the match engine problem? Loading these matches outside of my save show different (correct) results that are in line with the highlights I get in my save.

Here's a difference: 1st ones are from actual games, 2nd from the save

photo_2020-01-20_04-06-51.thumb.jpg.5bf265a4c3d30defea9aa08ff08aefaa.jpg photo_2020-01-20_04-06-46.thumb.jpg.8e20d4d97cd67e5c8641c6c029777713.jpg

 photo_2020-01-20_04-14-52.thumb.jpg.c42fc16da2e605a65af692a22c5003c6.jpg photo_2020-01-20_04-15-00.thumb.jpg.fe2f25538f63a6a69dfa8ee4ceb4dba8.jpg


Here is my schedule:


For the record, I AM using instant wannachup skin if it is somehow related.

Skimmed through some of my older results, and there are more examples of this behaviour. 

West Ham v Arsenal.pkmArsenal v Hull City.pkm

Some more games with different actual results.



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Found the reason

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Hey, from the looks of it this will be an issue related to the way the custom skin interacts with match plans. Unfortunately unless the issue reproduces when not using the skin, we can't do anything about it. You'll have to raise the issue with the custom skin creator.

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