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In the description of the Raumdeuter it’s written that it’s a poacher In a wide position, but the role doesn’t play like a poacher. It doesn’t hug the offside line or the last defender.
There’s always plenty of room the Raumdeuter could have exploited but he always comes deeper than my striker, which actually is a false 9.. 

Seems like you can’t make a tactic where the wide players (AMR & AML) is the most offensive or the players who attack the space behind the opponents defense the most
It’s just the striker who does that.

Look at Salah and Mané, or Sterling and Sané/Mahrez. Firminho and Aguero goes deeper and the wide players is the most dangerous ones and the biggest goal treats

Cant make that in fm20..


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Yeah, there are no roles to play deeply for the sides currently on the game. Even if you put 3 forwards they will play all at the center,even if the center forward is already there, they simply hold hands and stay at center all 3

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