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Match engine thoughts

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First of all kudos to the changes, the fix for over the top balls is great and the football does feel more entertaining to watch now.

However, I have attached 4 versions of the same match I played to see how things played out and some things that did irk me.

CCC, Half Chance, shots in general are still horrendous. There were a good few chances for both teams in these games and a fair amount of 1v1s on top, only one goal with feet that I found acceptable was in game 3, West Hams first goal which was a decent pass across the box for a shot, it seems way too many shots just go straight at the keeper regardless of you stats, the best shot I saw from my team in 4 games was a half chance for my RB who actually aimed for a corner and his finishing is single digits!

So of course we all are aware that CCC is an expected goal really and either a bad play or great save could change that, half chances are good chances that you expect a good player to do well with but can understand him not scoring, a goal from neither of these is fantastic play, a fluke or just something unexpected. A compilation of stats from the four games West Ham:Barnsley, CCC 7:4, HC 1:11, Goals 7:2. A bit more broke down, Goal from CCC 3:1, Goals from HC 1:0, Unexpected or own goals: 4:1. What are these conversion rates boys? I expect my team to have a rough time because they're young and we're a small team in a big league but my front three got a lot of these chances with Finishing/Composure of 13/12, 12/13 and 17/15. Also, can we maybe look into the AI and half chances as well here because it seemed here like they didn't create near enough or were so confident that they passed up a half chance in order to get a CCC or something.

Shots from stupid angles are still there, I get that decision making has an impact and player traits of course but there are some instances still in this game where a player shoots basically from the byline or when there is a very clear passing option available and their chance of scoring alone is minimal, like sometimes the pass is so clear that Stevie Wonder could pick them out.

Headers, don't know why but they are also atrocious, rarely do I see a good header from a player with good heading. In game 2 Yarmolenko with his 12 heading however scored 2 and his first one was an absolute champ of a header from a solid 10 yards at least. Way too many good headers just lift it miles over the bar, needs fixing, even if it's at the keeper or looks to be a close effort, also happens defensively but there are so many defensive headers in a game you expect it.

Crosses, just don't seem to be done the way you ask, tried changing it during the games at times to see if anything happened but 9/10 just float it over to the back post, now my players aren't the best crossers but I'm fairly certain they know the difference between a low or whipped one and a lofted one...

Errors that lead to goals, maybe it was just this fixture that really wanted it to be a contentious issue, who knows but my lord it was awful. The only goal of game 1 came from a terrible error from the RB just dawdling in his own box, late in that game a bad pass put a striker clean through on goal (which of course he didn't score), game 3 saw an amazing own goal header, a peach of a finish and game 4 saw an error at the end that was basically a carbon copy of the late one from game 1. These were just the ones that led to good chances as well mind you.

Finally, only one incident but it was really bad to watch, the game 4 error at the end of the game led to a goal, nice to see a 1v1 be put away but the manner it happened... the striker runs 2cms past a keeper that is rooted to the spot seemingly and then takes a good few seconds to realise what just happened and dives backwards to try and catch the guy tapping it on the goal line.


So I do feel like there are definite improvements and I like watching the matches more ... but only whilst the ball is not in and around the box because then it's a bit poo xD

West Ham v Barnsley 1.pkm West Ham v Barnsley 2.pkm West Ham v Barnsley 3.pkm West Ham v Barnsley 4.pkm

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I agree completely with almost everything you said

I think CCS conversion maybe is like 10%  better because sometimes my strikers score the easiest goals I mean before one one was 100 miss but before we also got atleast 4/5 over the top to my strikers so now when this is fixed almost nobody is scoring at all in my game.

Teams are averaging 1.2 goals per game (All 20 times in EPL comibined and calculated). Top 4 teams in all countries have 1.3 goals per game while usually bottom half teams have 1 goal per game or 0.8 goals per game

Chelsea is 13 goals in 13 games with 7 wins all 1:0. Top scorers in all leagues have 6 goals in 13/14 games which is absurd ammouth . 

I see some wing player with decent crosses but only if the winger is stopped from entering the penalty area. As soon as he enters he is looking always for score not for the assist (Look for pass rather then goal, shoot less pass shorter instructed)

Headers are atrocius . I have 185 AML/ARM/AMC/ST they all have heading 12 /13 + and they sail them non stop over the bar.
long shots still easy to score . My MC wiht 10 long shot with instructions shoot less has 4 long shot goals in 13 games. Considering thats 1/4 of the goals i have scored overall 

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hi,i play a whole season in beta with barcelona 

positives:1 no more long balls-assist from center backs

                2 no more shoots from wide players

                 3 wide players now pass and cross

                 4 fix penalties(now you dont miss most)


negatives:1 still cant score in one/one....and i have messi,suarez,griezman...when one to one they score 1 in 8-9 chances....and i have messi....

                  2:too many long shots,and the most get in(score)..i have busquets(all we know that she score very ralery)and he score in a season 10 goals from long shots...

                  3:before beta with the same tactic my striker(messi) always run on to goalkeeper,drible and try to score...in beta he never runs on to goalkeeper..(same tactic)...and he goes wide,to cross...for no reason...he never drible in beta(and i have instruction drible more)

                  4:a lot of head-goal....they score my shorter players with heading 6-10...

                  5:still many shots per game...i have 30,40,50 shots,around 18-25 on target...this is not right...i cant remember even barcelona in real,to have 35-50 shots in a game...and even that you have 18-25 shots on target,still you cant score easy....messi has around 8-14 shots per game and cant score...the most goals he score,are from penalties and direct free kicks...the best striker in world has 8-14 shots per game and he score,none,1 or even 2(surely 1 penalty)...this is not right..and he cant score in 1/1...

                  6:a lot of penalties....i win penalty every 2 or 3 games...

                   7:strikers they are in position(clear chance)to take a shoot,but they give pass back...

                   8:goalkeepers are still in "god mode"...."they make god saves"...very good,nobody like karious(haha)


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Guys- the OP has raised his concerns and attached pkm examples, so if you want to raise your issues, please do the same- adding comments without examples as requested will not bring any benefit.

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