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No history for friendly cups with same name kept

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Summary: The statistics (winner list, matches of past seasons) for friendly competitions with the same name aren't kept - only the most recent season is displayed. 
Description of Issue: The last saison of a friendly competetion is always considered as the "current" one and replaces all past seasons, see below for details. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Load Save "Ruhrpokal"
2. Go to Schedule, pick the past Season 19/20 and scroll down to find the 2 matches in the friendly cup competition called "Ruhrpokal" ("Ruhrpokal Semi Final" and "Ruhrpokal Final"). Pay attention to when those matches where played and which calendar date we have now in game (matches played Jan 11th and 12th 2020 vs. now Jan 17th 2021)
3. Click on the name of the competition "Ruhrpokal" which brings you to the statistics screen of the competition. Go to stages here and see that - while the results are still correctly stored - this past season of the competition is technically considered "current season". And you will find no winner list at all.
4. Now go again to Schedule, click "Arrange Friendly" and set up a new friendly cup (neither the participating clubs nor the calendar date you choose are really important, though I recommend to pick a close date as step 6) proceeds quicker then) - only important detail: Call it "Ruhrpokal" again (which is said to allow to keep FM a competition history, as announced as one of the minor features for FM2020) 
5. Proceed with the game to get the other teams accept the friendly cup invitation and to make the draw of ties happening
6. Go to holiday until the friendly cup has finished (one day after final was played should be sufficient)
7. When holiday is over, scroll to the e-mail telling you the result of SW Essens last tie in the competition. Click on "Ruhrpokal" in the right part of the mail (just below the badge of SW Essen), taking you to the statistics site of the competition. And here you will find now only the game of the iteration finished a day agao and only the winner of the 20-21 edition. Also the only entry in the winner list is the current champion.
8. Now try to repeat step 2) - you will still find the games in the schedule of the 19-20 season, but clicking to get to the statistics will end you up with the results of the 20-21 season of Ruhrpokal only.

Files uploaded to SI Cloud: Ruhrpokal.fm







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Sorry for bumping this, but since no one answered so far - was this posted in the wrong forum or belongs in special thread?

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I'll try and reproduce this.  The issue of friendly cups with the same name not retaining histories from year to year was actually already raised and fixed and fully tested before release, so should be working.

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