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Extreme high amounts of tackling

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I got this issue posted before, and it hasnt improved bit in this public beta, so I decided to post this again

So i just got to go on vacation for 2 weeks on the new match engine, didn't watch any game, just over the stats, go the below stats from 3 random games,




According to @HUNT3R

On 14/01/2020 at 18:54, HUNT3R said:

Don't spread something that's blatantly false. SI have acknowledged issues so far and there are several posts about it. One is still highlighted at the top of the page and there's the bugs forum as well.

The ME team will be very aware of the stats that the game produce. They have a long list of stats they keep track of and compare to leagues around the world, top and bottom.

But there are 50 - 70 tackles per games in the matches like before, it is far from the real life stats.


Back To FM 2019,



FM 2019 are much more closer than real life but FM 2020 are so far from it? what went wrong?


I think the issue is still stemmed on the high amounts of dribbling


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is there any confirmation this thread has been looked at?


because there is no way to provide pkm in this issue, so is this issue wont be looked at?

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Apologies, not entirely sure why this was marked as info provided. With regards to tackling it's related to the overall balance of the engine and is something we're aware of, although is not something to get closer to real life without having knock-ons elsewhere in the engine. It is something on our longer term plan but given the large repercussions of making changes in this area it's unlikely to dramatically change without significant work being undertaken. Given the need to keep the balance of the engine with regards to result outputs, isn't something which is likely to change soon, but is as said on our long term roadmap for making the engine even more realistic. 

Appreciate you noticing this and taking the time to raise it here.  

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