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CJ Ramson

Attaching a PKM when reporting an issue

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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting the Match AI Forum,

Just a quick reminder to please attach a PKM when raising a match issue on the forums.

We use PKM's to further investigate issues, as that is what contains the unique match data. We may ask for multiple PKM's for the same raised issue, this is because the more examples we have, the better chance we have of fixing it.

What is a PKM? - This is a saved copy of a match that has already been played, allowing us to watch back with the same outcomes you've experienced. You can get a PKM by clicking the 'Save Match' button on the match screen. This will create a file in your 'matches' folder, which can be found in '\documents\sports interactive'. In almost all situations we're going to want to see a PKM illustrating the issue. There is the ability to add PKMs directly into forum posts thanks to the fancy new forums. Please use this if possible.



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