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(Discussion) FM Audio Commentary

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Despite many of us playing with no sound, hyper speeding through matches or using instant result, some of us still like to play sound on. But have any of you ever wanted audio commentary to pair with text? Last year, you could use resource archiver and download a pack from FM Scout and, with a little work, attain audio commentary. However, this year the sound files are stored somewhere else and trying to edit crashes the game. But for FM 2021 or 2022, could the SI team consider adding straight into the game/releasing a steam workshop item to download as an audio commentary patch? Or make a "sounds" folder like in older versions so fans can pick and choose the clips they want?  Even if SI can't afford to hire someone, they can have the community share sound files. This can allow the community to be part of the game-making process and feel they are contributing. If SI decide to implement immediately into the game, they can have a no sound, fans only, and audio commentary checkbox for those who prefer no sound or only fans. FIFA already has this (audio commentary), and one old FM/CM even had this as an option. This could be a groundbreaking addition to the game (and could be used for advertising, if that's what would make this financially sustainable) and, if there is major dislike, just delete the option.

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