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Building club from ground up

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This may be the wrong forum for this question, but need some advice here:


took over my hometown team which started off in second division on Slovak league, got them promoted my first season and we just finished first ever first division season in third place miraculously 3 points behind winner (really regret my loss against them with 3 games to go)

The issue I have is I don’t know how to prioritize improvements, as I’m planning to take a long time with this save, the end goal is to win the champions league with them. My board decided we want to play attacking high pressing football, so I want to base my club on how Red Bull runs, focusing on producing and signing young players only, I have mainly been using a 532 or 442 but want to simplify and just have a simple pressing framework to bring players through. I’ve so far spent any funds we have brought in on youth facilities and recruitment and next is fixing the non existent scouting department. 

the questions I have are this:

-any advise on how to develop a 442 pressing tactic that doesn’t need the most technical players, and basic enough to sell players and replace them as needed without completing changing everything

-any tips on how to improve club finances enough to get bring them up to scratch, with facilities or staff. Just not sure what to prioritize 

I’m sure I’ll get some sarcastic answers to this, but I’m just stuck overthinking what to focus on next. Thanks

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Regardless of starting level or club status, I usually prioritize constructing your principles of play, tactics, and player profiles. Then focus on getting a functional, young squad that fits my system that I plan to utilize. If you are smartly buying player at bargain/fair prices and selling them at appropriate time for appropriate fees, everything else will gradually fall into place. 

Naturally, your budget will determine what’s club improvements you can make and when. Focus on being frugal in transfer market and your finances will gradually improve and you can chip away at capital projects.


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