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Club Rebranding

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This is meant for a small percentage of clubs, spread randomly around the world.

As part of the 5 year plan, I think it would be an interesting idea to have the board decide to initiate a club rebrand.  As with other 5-year plans, depending upon your standing and time with the club, you may have some input into their decision.

Club Rebrand - The club may look to change their colors, badge, stadium name ( if available ), other options available to them.  Their decision to do so will impact the social impact of the team for a while, depending on how far ahead they announce the changes, get fan input, or in fans like the changes or not.  Or the board may investigate the change, and decide not to pursue them.

This does occur throughout world football. 

  • Juventus changed their badge. 
  • Leeds attempted to but decided against it after fan protest. 
  • Watford kept their same badge after a fan vote. 
  • Chicago fire changed their badge and currently the fan base is unhappy and season tickets have dropped tremendously.
  • Louisville City FC tried to change their name, badge, and colors.  Fans were unhappy. The team owner came out and apologized and reversed everything.
  • Countless clubs "modernize" their current badges with minor changes.  
  • Clubs will sometimes rebrand when they join parent / child affiliations.  Doing so will bring in even more money to to the clubs.
    • There are the City and Red Bull branded clubs. 
    • ex: Melbourne City changed colors, it's name
    • Philadelphia Union USL club to rebrand as Philadelphia Union II

In short - it happens throughout the world now.  It impacts the clubs.  It impacts attendance.  It impacts affiliates.  

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I love the idea, I am all for these kind of progressions. However, when it comes to logos, licensing for logos will likely prove to be a stumbling block.

I have already posted the idea of expansion teams within US or Australian leagues, and think that could be taken forward. But teams chasing logos would be difficult when many players play the game with logo packs. These packs would just hide any changes to the generic logo.

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This is completely foreign to the core of the sport. Hopefully it is never considered because it will just ruin a part of the game, especially if the element of randomness is adopted.

Teams are symbolized by their colours, their city and their fans. Their crest is also sometimes of worth historically speaking, but not always. That's been the most liberal part of a club's identity. You think of River Plate and Boca Juniors, you immediately know what their jerseys look like. You think of Manchester United, it's a red jersey. You think of Fluminense and it's something uniquely colorful. You think of Milan and Inter and it's red&blue stripes vs black&blue stripes. Multiple other examples out there. It's a core element to the sport and the fans are genuinely disheartened by the change commercialism brought to this environment more than be happy about it. 


Since badges are not part of Football Manager officially, I don't see any reason why this should be added even if it's just for the MLS. And for the few that we have in the game, I doubt SI is willing to make it possible to change the crest of a team they got the rights to randomly. 

And it does not really impact attendance, at least not positively. If you something so drastic in parts of South America or parts of Europe you're more likely to end up getting beaten up and have the fans boycott the matches. 

Just check the reactions of the Juventus fans to their logo change. Spoiler alert, not very pleased. And everyone else was mocking them and still do.  


Stadium name change only happens for two reasons: 

- Undisputed club legend dies or retires and the stadium was carrying the name of its neighbourhood or street. 

- Sponsorship takes over. The name change is temporary and the permanent name is still its former. 


So since death isn't and shouldn't be a part of the game, the only thing you could have is a club legend lending his name to the stadium. We already have this albeit in the form of new stadiums. Renaming a stadium that carries the name of one legend to another has probably never happened ever, so there's no point even discussing this for the majroity of football clubs in the world. 


I wouldn't oppose this idea as a strictly MLS thing on the other hand. Maybe Australia, too. 

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