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This is meant for a small percentage of clubs, spread randomly around the world.

As part of the 5 year plan, I think it would be an interesting idea to have the board decide to initiate a club rebrand.  As with other 5-year plans, depending upon your standing and time with the club, you may have some input into their decision.

Club Rebrand - The club may look to change their colors, badge, stadium name ( if available ), other options available to them.  Their decision to do so will impact the social impact of the team for a while, depending on how far ahead they announce the changes, get fan input, or in fans like the changes or not.  Or the board may investigate the change, and decide not to pursue them.

This does occur throughout world football. 

  • Juventus changed their badge. 
  • Leeds attempted to but decided against it after fan protest. 
  • Watford kept their same badge after a fan vote. 
  • Chicago fire changed their badge and currently the fan base is unhappy and season tickets have dropped tremendously.
  • Louisville City FC tried to change their name, badge, and colors.  Fans were unhappy. The team owner came out and apologized and reversed everything.
  • Countless clubs "modernize" their current badges with minor changes.  
  • Clubs will sometimes rebrand when they join parent / child affiliations.  Doing so will bring in even more money to to the clubs.
    • There are the City and Red Bull branded clubs. 
    • ex: Melbourne City changed colors, it's name
    • Philadelphia Union USL club to rebrand as Philadelphia Union II

In short - it happens throughout the world now.  It impacts the clubs.  It impacts attendance.  It impacts affiliates.  

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