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Tactical advices for a newbie (4141 / 4231)

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Hi guys,

me completely new in the forum. If there is something wrong with the way I post, please check it out and give me feedback.

I've been playing FM for almost a year and am now in fm20 with Hertha. They are a perfect choice for me, as they are not a clear favourite for titles, but have a squad with a lot of perspective. The score is played online with 2 friends (Düsseldorf and 1. FC Union). I estimate the length of the game to be 4-5 seasons. Since we can't play together that often, fm21 will probably be released then.

After I sold some players and acquired many young players with some potential. My board is very satisfied with most of the transfers. In addition, my goal for the first year is simply not to be relegated. In the second year, however, it should be about the international places.

So much for the introduction, now for the tactics I want to play.

Tactic 1 (balanced tactic, if we are neither underdog or favorit)


This tactic is the standard tactic for most games. Davie Selke is an extremely fast player who is often good for a hoofball because of his role. The outside attackers usually support him well in his attack. All in all I don't want to play excessive pressing or countering. The goal should be to combine a well ordered defense with a quite flexible and above all fast attack without rushing.

In both tactics I use instructions such as into the space or hit early crosses situational, depending on the opposing formation and the strength of the individual players.

Tactic 2 (positive tactic, If we go into the game favored and do not play against a good 5 man defense)


With this line-up I hit the nerve of my players exactly. Almada is already brilliantly on OM(s) position and is only getting better over the years. On the outside the fast Lukebakio and Dilrosun play, who also have a good flair and dribbling values. In front Selke still remains set.
In the midfield Darida (BBM(s)) and Palacios (DLP(d)) are supposed to support the whole thing, but also make the connection to the defense. For me these two positions are extremely relevant. The offensive is very strong, so it usually finds a way to score a goal. But since this is a top-heavy formation, these two positions have to be very conservative and just work in my opinion. Otherwise the opponent will have too much space in the counterattack.

In contrast to tactic 1, I play with standard lines here. These lines are usually sufficient to put enough pressure on the ball in the front third without putting your own defense in front of an extreme number of long balls.

In both tactics I use instructions such as into the space or hit early crosses situational, depending on the opposing formation and the strength of the individual players.

Now to my questions:

1) What do you think of my general approach? Are the tactics too similar. One consideration is to learn another 3rd tactic after the first first half round. I have a 5-3-2 in mind, where we can play very close direct counterattack. This would be in contrast to the two upper approaches, in which we aim for a rather balanced (tactic 1) to slightly more ball possession (tactic 2) than the opponent.

2) In tactic 2 I let play with a winger on the left. My gut tells me that I would prefer to have an inverse outside striker there as well. I want to build up pressure on both sides of the goal and the wing roll seems too conservative for that. How do you see that?

3) What are the possibilities for a young pressing forward in fm20? Redan is a great talent, but unfortunately he doesn't seem to be a player who fits perfectly into the pressing forward category.

4) Happy for any further advice you want to share with me :-)


I thank you in advance for your feedback, no matter in which direction it goes. As I said, I'm not very experienced in this game yet, but I follow this forum quite actively. 

If you need more information, please let me know. I'm happy to help you, so you can help me better :-)



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