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No Need For Vertical Compactness At Lower Levels?

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Hello everyone


Just wanted to ask a basic point.

CAN vertical compactness be overrated?


I seem to be seeing some benefits at Queen's Park, by setting a STANDARD line of engagement but a LOWER defensive line. So the vertical compactness is decreased a notch.


Is this a sensible way to approach defending IF playing a 442 or 433 narrow system, where you are relying on the front 6 to provide an initial split press?

If the split press is beaten, the deep back 4 are there to mop up.


Any thoughts on this? it does leave the middle of the pitch open but players don't seem to play "between the lines" at Scottish league 2 level much.


Thank you

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Not sure about lower levels but my observations suggest that vertical compactness in general is less important on this years' game. 

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