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AI Issues (Poor trades, buyouts of prospects/young players and odd player signings)\

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It was recently requested that we post any AI issues related to poor trades between AI teams or offers to/from the player that were accepted or denied, buyouts of young players/potential prospects and signings of odd players (typically really poor quality newgens). I wanted to share some screen shots of that happening and will upload the save games.

My personal thoughts on some of the goaltending related items below is lack of flex-ability when it comes to loans (i.e. I can't loan players to leagues outside of the region for the nation I am a GM in (NHL can't loan to Europe). This may be causing the AI GMs to panic and drop the goalies. Vise-versa happens as well, AI GMs feel there isn't enough goaltender depth and sign random players to fill spots.

Uploaded Save Game is 'Isles.sav'.

Trade related:


Odd Buyouts:


IMO guys 23 and under should almost never be bought out unless it's a pretty big financial need.

Some of these are pretty decent goaltending prospects and very young (19) players (note Calgary drops two goalies)

Odd depth signings (usually goaltenders):

This is who Calgary decides to replace those two guys with:




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