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Getting The Right Roles For 433 Narrow? (Queens Park Scotland League 2)

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Hello everyone


After my want to be long term career at Albion Rovers turned sour, I'm turning attentions to Queens Park of Scottish League 2, for my long term career.

Ive looked at the squad and I think it favours a 433 narrow formation, but I don't use this formation and don't know how to play it.

Ive gone for the following roles after checking the squad (at work so sorry not a perfect screenshot):


I'm going with very few instructions, but I'm going with:

TEAM INSTRUCTIONS: Cautious mentality, much narrower width, more direct passing, much higher tempo, pass into space.

TRANSITION: GK to slow the pace down

DEFENDING: left as it is, for now.


The objective is to be a very direct side centred around the target man.

In the front 3 ive got one role to drop deep to pick up the flick ons, another role to run in behind to the ball played over the target man into space whilst he occupies a defender.


I want the mezzala to be slightly more adventurous as he has relatively good passing for that level, and the wing back on his side is slightly less inclined to go forward.


The team is mostly focused on sitting deep through roles to defend with the back 4 and the defensive central midfielder who shouldn't ever go ahead of the ball.

The front 3, carrilero and mezzala are set to press more. This is mostly to pick up the 2nd ball from the target man.


Do you think these roles combine well to achieve the style of football for this level? any improvements that can be made?


Thank you everyone

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As you are a Scottish second division team it makes sense to keep things more simple. I would try to organise around a HB for security maybe MCs/ MCa and have two WBs for the width of your game. The front three around the TM should be players who use space and could play counter as well maybe a DLPa and a PFs

I would not give too many TIs. Just DL and LOE Standard and play out of Defense with giving the ball to your CB and FB combined with a standard Tempo and more direct passing (but as you have a TM the passing will be directed to him anyway) maybe standard would fit.

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