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I have created a Women's Database that has over 3200 players added. This is an alternative database rather than an add-on as all the male players and staff have been removed.
The top 4 divisions in England are fully playable as well as the Frauen Bundesliga (Germany), NWSL (USA) and the top 2 divisions in Scotland (SWPL1 & SWPL2).


The file is 13.6 MB so is too big to post as an attachment on here but it can be found easily on Steam

I don't really use forums so you'll probably get a quicker response if you contact me either on a Twitter account I've set up dedicated to the project

Or on a Facebook page I have created

Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

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My daughter might be on this in about 12 years when she's old enough. :D

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This is a brilliant effort and much appreciated - hopefully this will be included in the full game for real in an iteration in the near future. 

Can I check a few things?

  • Do international call-ups work?
  • Are player histories impossible to add in (as in appearances and goals), as I notice they're currently missing?
  • Are there any plans to add the French top division?

Thanks again, great work. 

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