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Why do I always fail to get International Head Coach job?

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I have won 5 league title with FC Porto and 1 Champion's League but anytime I apply for an international head coach job I am told that I am not the right person.


My reputation is high.


I applied for 10 jobs after the Euro when most teams fired their coach.


I never had trouble getting international jobs in previous FMs.

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I have played a couple of longish saves so far and in my first was offered the England job after managing just 3 seasons in serie A and winning a couple of trophies just 2 and a half star rep.


This save i have managed for 6 seasons won a few things in germany and spain getting to 3 star rep and just been approached by Italy, England, Spain and France straight after the WC.

Just my experience so with the high rep you have it does seem odd you are not getting an offer from any of the applications.

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I put the game down for many months and started playing again. I have now won 3 Champion's Leagues in 4 years yet I still can NOT get any international job.


Is there anything more that I can do?

Can I use the editor to assign myself coach of an international team?

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what did you set your adaptability too?


i recently had a save, after 8 years of winning everything and feeling like i was just going through the motions til youth intakes and transfer markets wanted to try England out. i added a manager maybe 20 times, trying to force them to try me. got laughed out every time because my adaptability was 3...

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