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Question about balance attribute

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Hi fellow managers

I can't figure out the effect that a good balance rating has on the ME.

For example I can understand the effect of a good (or bad) agility rating: in the ME the player can change direction while running in a faster or slower way.

I ask this question to better understand what a player is capable of doing on the pitch and to better understand the requirements of the different roles.


Thank you very much,



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Balance is an attribute I find is very important.

My wingers, running at pace, will cross poorly if they're doing it while off-balance. My strikers, when 1 v 1 or shooting on the turn, will mis-hit balls a lot when off-balance. My inside forwards, when cutting inside and running at the defence, will skew balls (passes or shots) because they're off-balance.

This may also help : 




Balance is:

  • Used for deciding what type of shot and the power of it is possible when moving at speed, overhead kicks, how well they can cope with a change of momentum through performing a pass/cross/tackle/dribble.
  • Used in combination with Strength when checking if a player can stand their ground in a collision between two players
  • Used in combination with Strength deciding delay resulting from going to the ground
  • Used in combination with Strength when scoring dribbling attribute when the player is under pressure
  • Used in combination with Strength when scoring decisions on controlling ball, creating space on receiving ball, turning on ball or holding up ball

So both come in to the equation, but you'll need to consider whether the player's physical strength is high (strength) or are they good at shielding the ball and dribbling under pressure from defenders (Balance).



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Thank you very much for the answer. So it behaves how it should in real life and is both an indication of the ability to shield the ball and an attribute underling almost all actions on the ball (like technique).

That's interesting.

Thanks again for your exhaustive replay.



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