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I have recently taken the Inter Job in the 4th season, Does anyone have any advice on how to improve my 41212, I had a decent start to the season but recent results have been poor including a 0-0 against 9 men Lazio.

I like to press the opposition and build my attacks from the back.

Any help would be appreciated.



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The diamond formation is tricky, first of all I don't think its possible to play the pressing game you are trying to play with this formation. if I was playing against you, all I would do is pass to the wingers/fullbacks to play past you. Therefore, I would change it to the standard press, remove stop GK distribution, lower the defensive line and line of engagement. Also, you are playing a Trequarista, which is a complete contradiction, Treq's hate to press so you have to remove him. I'm terrible at attacking midfield roles so I can't offer any good advice on what role to change him with. I would change the CF to a target man or a DLF. 

IMO Weigl is too slow for that position, I think hes best competing for the DM role with Tonali, get rid of the WBs on defend duty, I prefer FBs on support.

If you still want to be agro in you pressing, maybe change your formation to a narrow 4-3-3 with a flat midfield, you can probably play with high press and high engagement and be successful. It would look like this:


FB(S)         CB(D)             CB(D)              FB(S)

      BWM (S) DLP (D)  CAR/MEZ

   AF         F9/DLF(S)               PF(A)



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@maundojako @Experienced Defender

Before reading you guys post I tested a few tweaks of my own and results improved amazingly, i went on to win serie A, 1 point over Juve and Beat AC milan in the EL final.

I am currently in the pre-season and made quite a few changes and signings. This is what the tactic know looks like :

900572589_Intertac.thumb.png.a5916760557ace0ef98e16cad1781301.pngThe AM is set to move into channels and roam, and my two forwards, close down more, tackle harder and mark tighter as I want them to bother the back line.

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