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On 06/01/2020 at 17:22, Rob Heckman said:

Hi @myfunnygame have you got a save for me to check out? Thanks.

if u can win my match and make score like in my career xd u can load my save 

097 Billericay wazna rozmowa (on OC)

and scores in penultimate league day:



Now i have problem to win game to be second in table...

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ok, I have it xD


097 Billericay wazna rozmowa I have IT.

And after promo, i have new budget (u see in inbox) and you can observe what game make with my preseason camp and other problem ...

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Posted (edited)

and 2 days before this talk with team:


097x Billericay wazna rozmowa I have IT


If i am promo (like now) to higher league next match is with full stadium... and message talk... the opponent guarantees full stadium, it is not true! <- this messege is 22.04.2022, 7:49 but it can be random time if u load other save.

Same stupid text is when national team like ... England play with for example San Marino... and messege said full stadium cause of San Marino... not it is not true! It is cause of England fans want to see english national team! Same if we promo to higher league fans want to see them players, not oponent! You know it!


Repair it pls

Edited by myfunnygame

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