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Youth and B team, training units, tactics and mentoring

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Hi, I have some questions regarding the youth and B teams and I can't find their answer:

1 - My youth team can't use a different tactic than the one I have active with my senior team. The option to switch this should be somewhere in the responsibilities section, but either I can't find it or I'm doing something wrong. My B team can use different tactics but not the youth team, is it possible somehow?

2 - Regarding training units, I can find the option to add youth team players to the senior units, but not B team players when in real life it's possible. Is it a bug or something I'm doing wrong?

3 - Is it possible to add B and youth team players to mentoring groups without having to promote them to the senior team? If so, how?

4 - Is it possible to use B team players in the senior league matches without registering them with the senior team? For example in real life, Real Madrid's third goalkeeper is training and eligible to play with first team, but I can't do it in the game with him or other players.

5 - Is it possible to make B team players be available for youth team? I find the option to make them available, but then I can't select them in the youth formation


Sorry, maybe they are easy questions to solve but I haven't been able to do it yet, if you are so kind to help!




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I have similar questions regarding youth/b teams.

I'm managing Inter Miami and, once created, I can sent players to the II(B) team and hire staff for them but I have no control over the Academy. They don't even have any staff. 

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