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[FM19] Do they need to learn positions

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Hello everyone!


I have a tactic formation 4-1-2-2-1 DM wide.

My players are based on positions(not the perfect one in their profile but I found theirs skills to be good enough and it works).

My main tactic is:


IFsu                         Wat

      MEZat  BBMsu


WBat CDde CDde FBau



My team is doing just fine. I am happy about it.

Question is if in case that I would like to keep formation but change some position(which still I think players would be capable to play) do I really need set up second tactic so they can learn the thing or they can easily work it?

What I mean is that I switch sometimes their roles during the match without made second tactic but it works. Would it work more effectively if they have the other tactic set in Tactics page? In that case I would have to give up with one of the backup formations I have there.

The other roles with my 4-1-2-2-1 formation:


APat                           Wat

          BBMsu CMat


WBat CDde BPDde FBau



I am sorry for no screens but I am away from my PC today.

Thank you for any response.


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Tactic familiarity would take a hit if you changed the roles from what they have been playing, however it shouldnt be too bad . If you only do it occasionally i would'nt bother creating it as an alternative tacic, but if you switch regularly , then it probably is

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