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Dell Precision 5520 Overheating

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I already posted this during the beta and still no fix after almost two months. I have a Dell Precision 5520 (DXDiag file attached) and when I play any game I get GPU usages of 90% (see picture below) with the fans running at max speed and draining the battery life really fast. It is impossible to play the game like it is now as I don't want to risk burning my PC. I have installed the latest version of the game (20.2.3) and updated the graphic card drivers. I am playing using the recommended settings for 3D match rendering. I am dissappointed that you guys 1) don't have the game optimized more than one month after release and 2) just deleted my previous post in the beta bugs forum without providing a final answer.



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FM is a demanding game - would suggest trying to lower the graphics-quality in game and see if it makes any difference. 

Would also suggest as a rule not running games just on a battery, would suggest when playing demanding games doing so plugged into the mains where possible, else failing that running with power saving options. 

If the system did overheat, it would automatically shut down - have you tried using a tool like say Speedfan to see what temperature your GPU is running at? 

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