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[FM20] Kosovo Complete Pyramid (4 Levels Fully Activated)

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This file fully activates the Kosovan football league pyramid with the correct structure and rules for the 2019-20 season. Superliga to Liga e Tretë are playable for Football Manager 2020.

Leagues included are:

1. Superliga

2. Liga e Parë

3. Liga e Dytë

4. Liga e Tretë (2 Groups)

As well as: Kosovan Cup and Kosovan Super Cup

I will hopefully be able to add the 2020-21 structure in soon (Superliga reduced to 10 teams) but right now the current structure will have to do.

Lower league teams that were missing stadiums have been assigned local ones. Also some L4 teams kits have been randomised due to a lack of sources.

I recommend adding players to playable teams for Level 3 clubs.

If you notice any errors or bugs with the database please message me and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

You can find many more complete football pyramids over on my steam workshop - follow me to keep up to date with updates as well as subscribe to the Complete Pyramid collection to access all files in one click.

Kosovo Complete Pyramid (4 Levels Fully Activated).fmf

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