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How to make UI less laggy

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In general the UI just seems sluggish, like if I move my cursor it takes a while for the item underneath to become highlighted.  Even dragging stuff in the tactics is a bit sluggish, in general even clicking buttons doesn't feel snappy.  This is a problem I feel like has been steadily getting worse since FM 12 or so.  I thought it was maybe because I was running the game on machines with only average specs in recent years, but now I've installed the game on my new Surface Book 2 (16 GB RAM, GeForce 1060).  This is a pretty fast machine but even lowering the resolution to 1900 x 1440 doesn't seem to alleviate things much.  Has anyone else experience this and if so, any tips on how to make things snappier?  Thanks all!

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You could try these...

1. Use Material Skin Skin

2.  Nividia Control Panel

*-Power management mode - Prefer maximum performance
*-Threaded optimization - ON
*-Triple buffering - Off
*- Vertical Sync - Fast

3. In the match settings 

* Shadows - Off

* (only if still lag) - Crowd quality - Low

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