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[20.2.1] Midseason and pre-season at the same time?!

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Full version + build: 20.2.1-1326301 (me: 2026)

Summary: I have the preseason and midseason at the same time in the winter of 2021 in my Bulgarian savegame. 

Description of Issue: When the time came for my players to get back from their winter break, they came back both for midseason preparation and pre-season preparation. This also lead to the fact that I needed to keep my promises for playing time for several of my players, even though those promises had to be kept for the actual next season (in about 6 months) and I was also offered to change code of conduct. Essentially, all things that are done before a new season starts.

Steps to Reproduce: Dunno?

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: midseasonbug.fm




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On 19/12/2019 at 06:00, Glenn Wakeford said:

This is a known issue and is under review, cheers :thup:

Hi Glenn,

Has this been sorted? I'm running into it with my Serie A save. 2nd season in Serie A - didn't have this pop up during the first season - December 23, 2023 just got a "Pre-season preparation" notification. Says start of pre-season is 12/30/2023 and last 33 weeks... has me setting up pre-season training schedule (Tactical, Technical, Heavy, etc.). 

Running on 20.2.3-1330207 (m.e v2026). I can provide a save upload file if needed.

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2 hours ago, Glenn Wakeford said:

We haven't released any further updates yet, no.


I guess I meant more like is this still being looked at or should I just move past it in my save if it isn't going to be fixed. Thanks

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