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Help with vertical tika taka

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1) Im getting good results, but i could really do with some suggestions for how to amend the tactic when im trying to hold onto a one nil lead.

Usually I drop the line of engagement one notch and lower the tempo.

But i hardly make any chances myself and the computer gradually claws their way level.

2) On the right wing I find 99 times out of 100 the wing back never gets past the last defender and their crosses are always blocked.

And the winger doesnt manage to get many crosses in either. Any suggestions to improve the play in this area which can feel repetitive and a bit dysfunctional?



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2 hours ago, 2feet said:



2 hours ago, 2feet said:

Any suggestions to improve the play

Quick suggestions:

- remove the Focus through the middle

- remove both underlaps (left and right)

- remove the Very narrow width (go with the standard i.e. default one)

- protect the defense (you don't have a single holding midfield role)

- remove the more urgent pressing and leave it on default (I can't see all your out-of-possession TIs, so it's possible there are some more to be changed/tweaked or removed)

- change the AMR into winger on attack duty

- remove the Distribute to CBs (let the keeper pick the best/safest option in any given situation), because you already have the Play out of defence turned on (or at least allow the keeper to distribute to both CBs and FBs)

- be very careful with counter-press (are your players good enough to execute it effectively and without too much risk?)

There are probably more changes that would need to be made, but these are the most urgent ones if you ask me.

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my winger has 10 for agility and when i played an alternative guy with 14 agility suddenly he was able to get past defenders much better despite being slower. switching him from support to attack helped a lot too.

i find it odd that switching him to attack helps the team defend better.

i also played with more width which helps the attacking to be better.


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