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Dual nationality improvements (International apps)

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In general I think the game could use some improvements concerning dual nationality. If, for example, you play a "third world" country such as Suriname and you ask players with a double nationality (doesn't really matter which level) they always reject. And there is really no way to convince them otherwise, it seems a little unrealistic if you put real life into perspective. It looks like they solely base their choice in the FM world on reputation differences. Obviously the reputation of the Netherlands is sky high compared to Suriname. Of course players do consider reputation in real life, but I don't believe players consider reputation as much as it is currently reflected. Especially not when they are starting to age and are not even considered a talent anymore.

Recently many Dutch players with Suriname roots (and eligible to play for Suriname) decided to play for them. Players such as Chery, Jozefzoon, Hasselbaink, Donk all players who would flat-out refuse in normal circumstances in the FM world. In this case they are all aged 28+. Now, I am not suggesting that they should always accept -- especially if they are very talented and young, thus still waiting for a chance for an A-nation (England, Spain, Netherlands etc. level compared to others much lower in the ranking). I just think the system could use improvements, because in real life players don't generally base their choice on reputation only.  Hakim Ziyech decided for Marocco even though the Netherlands have a better reputation and potential. The players I mentioned before chose for Suriname because of family ties and feelings from the heart (at an age where they know a Netherlands call-up is practically impossible). All these scenarios are currently impossible to achieve ingame.

In my eyes, players who start to reach the end 20's should have a considerable higher chance to accept a call-up from a second nationality, because if at that point they haven't been called up by their main nation, it seems more reasonable they would go after their second nationality. Ziyech is a notable exception to the rule, who was young when he chose for Morocco. With his own reasoning. Someone with his reputation would always choose the Netherlands in the FM world.

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