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So, first job I started at I won promotion and made the clubs favourite personell

I decided to move on but for a while I was getting rejected being told that they didn't know who I am, which is fine. I eventually got another job where I stagnated for a bit, and after 2 seasons my previous job became available. I decided to reapply, knowing I'd have a decent chance of getting the job seeing as they love me

However they rejected me because they didn't know who I am.  I've been rejected in life in many scenarios, but that one cut deep!

Surely a bug?

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Thanks for the feedback. 

This sounds very similar to an issue we are investigating currently. I've seen you have posted in that thread too. 

If you happen to have a save game from before you re-applied for your old job then could you please upload the save game to our cloud service. Details on how to upload can be found via the link below. 



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