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Question Regarding Team Instructions

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Hi Everyone.

If I'm doing a save, and I select a tactic, it seems logically that mentality is the most important thing for how a tactic functions with regard to individual mentalities, pressing, risk tactic and so on.

If you were to take the same formation, and then play it in a positive way, and cautious way:


If I was playing positive, and I lowered the tempo down, and the passing length down, so these were to match the default settings of "cautious", is it fair to say:

  • The players will do things more methodically than they "should" do on positive, but want to take more risk in possession than they would on cautious?
  • My players will press harder without being told to than they would on cautious
  • My players will look to run into space more than they would have done on cautious


Even though I'm effectively dropping the "in possession" style down to what cautious would be?

Basically I'm looking to create a high possession style.

But I want possession with a PURPOSE.


So I'm thinking, if I use a cautious mentality then the passing will be short and ball retention a priority.

But it will also be SLOW, and often players who could play a killer pass just wont, they will take the safe option TOO OFTEN.


So then I'm thinking, if you go positive mentality, but then narrow the width so everyone is close together, and lower the passing range to very short, but keep the tempo up, are you more likely to get that short, sharp give and go one and two touch passing?



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