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could you tell me why on FM Mobile 2020 there’s no Club World Championship for the team that wins the Champions League?


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On 16/12/2019 at 15:23, Louie Silvani said:

Hi Eric

What season are you in? From 2021 onwards, the Club World Championship only runs every four years

I've just got to 2021, and suddenly at the end of the season there it is. It could do with a bit more signposting - despite only being a few weeks after the end of season, players' recovery times seem very slow. There's a completely new format with much better teams which is good, but one day between group and quarterfinal.  And suddenly, your board thinks it desirable, when in the past it has been unimportant. Is this a reflection of a change in real life? Given how much clutter there is in the inbox, and how poor much of what lands there is, it would help to be given more information. 

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