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Galaxy Tab A 2019 10.1

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Playing FM Touch, purchased yesterday. Bugs noted so far:

Google Play Games app pop up box never properly loads/connects when FM Touch app is first launched and you have to manually skip past it by clicking outside the white pop up box (and turn off auto sign in in Google Play Games app or it gets stuck in a never ending loop of failing to connect).

Scrolling lists is very difficult with touch controls as the game seems to generally want to select the first thing my finger touches even when I’ve tried to scroll (making it really hard to select anything in any list that isn’t already on the screen and needs to be scrolled to reach).

Dragging players out of position or onto other players to swap them in the formation screen on tactics doesn’t work, they just instantly revert to where they were before you dragged. Not sure if this is a setting or a bug, if it’s a setting I’ve not been able to find the issue so if anyone knows please help!

Substituting/swapping players via dragging in lists is very buggy. Things like sometimes the player above the one you drag onto is swapped etc. This seems to be intermittent.

I’ll keep updating this with any more I notice as I’m playing. But have to say all in all I’m loving having a full version of FM Touch on a tablet and it is generally working well! Hope these bugs can be ironed out with updates.


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Thanks for raising these issues but can each issue be logged separately so we can track issue individually.

Your third issue has already been reported and can be found in the following thread:

If you have any further information for that thread than please add it there.


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